Danie Greenwell has a PhD in Communication from Drexel University in Culture, Communication & Media. Her research and non-profit work focus on health and the environment, specifically how these things are marketed to consumers.

Danie has developed and  taught community based learning courses including, “Promoting Health and Wellbeing” and “Communication in Grassroots Organizations” in partnership with the non-profit LIFT and “Urban Farming Communities” in partnership with the Enterprise Center CDC/Walnut Hill Farm. In fall of 2012, Danie successfully completed the training program for “Inside-Out: The Prison Exchange Program” and serves on the Drexel advisory committee to expand the model to include other communities. Danie received her bachelor of arts in religious studies from the University of Pennsylvania.IMG_0416

Danie is passionate about good food, alignment-based yoga, women’s health, environmental stewardship and improving access to resources for the thousands of Philadelphians who live in poverty. As an member of the Philadelphia non-profit scene and former president of Philadelphia’s Young Nonprofit Leaders, Danie has worked and volunteered with many area nonprofits including serving as a founding board member of the Philadelphia Orchard Project. She is active in the local food movement, working to bring good food into the city from small family farms in the region.

Favorite Organizations:

Drexel Community Based Learning Group: Includes service learning, Inside-Out Prison Exchange Model and side-by-side courses in partnership with community groups around the city.

Farm to CityFarm to City is a Philadelphia-based program whose goal is to unite communities, families, and farmers year-round through good locally grown food. Find out about local farmer’s markets, CSAs, and buying clubs.

Philadelphia Orchard Project: POP plants orchards in the city of Philadelphia that grow healthy food, green spaces and community food security.

Union Benevolent Association: Since 1831, UBA has provided critical funding and support to organizations that assist and enrich the lives of the poor, disadvantaged, elderly, and youth of Philadelphia.